Dery writes fictional music: listen to her lyrics, as you would read a novel. Think of her as an author, not the face of a pop musician. In fact, you will soon learn to not focus on a face at all – Dery is not interested in the ego aspect of being a modern musician today; rather, she urges you to focus solely on the music. The fact that there is a schism between the composer and the music lets her tackle as many concepts as possible in order to change the contemporary stance on musicians in the music business today. She works hard to discuss topics in her music that need to be contemplated more – her EP “The Foreword” consists of songs about divorce and domestic violence. This music is accompanied by her warm, sophisticated voice as she explores the territory of music with a meaning.

In time you will realize that for Dery it does not matter what you look like, who you are, or where you are from, but rather that we all share the same emotions and end up in similar situations no matter who we are. Attributable to the fact that she grew up between New York and Hamburg/Germany, Dery has moved in international circles, allowing her to view the world from different perspectives. This has given her young soul experience, which consequently awakened her desire to share through music. Her deep, intriguing voice will urge you to listen and give the impression of an understanding embrace. Working through contemporary issues and newfound philosophies, Dery has written a multitude of songs and this is clearly only the beginning of her mission to draw you into her world and change how we view music and its abilities today.

Dery holds a Bachelor of Arts from The New School in New York City, where she studied music, photography, poetry and gender studies.

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To view her photography: http://www.derynephotography.com

For any CD requests, inquiries, bookings, gallery events etc., email: derynemarie@gmail.com